Sehtest und Bildschirmbrille

According to the Federal Statistical Office, almost 70 percent of 25 to 54-year-olds and around 60 percent of Germans over the age of 55 spend time in front of a computer screen every day - hard work for our eyes!

Six steps to screen glasses

The illustration describes the six steps to VDU glasses.

1 The employer offers the G 37 eye examination.

2 The company doctor carries out the eye test and decides whether there is a visual impairment.

3 He then issues a certificate, which is sent to the employer.

4 The employer issues the employee with an order form for the eyewear provider.

5 The provider manufactures customized screen glasses.

6 The employer bears the costs and settles the account with the provider.

Key points:

1 Selection of "multifocal" lenses, often called business glasses (no single vision lenses, no progressive lenses, no bifocal lenses!).

2 The price per pair of glasses including a frame from the zero tariff collection with business plastic lenses with a refractive index of n=1.6, with super anti-reflective coating, hard protective coating and easy-care coating is just under €150.00 gross = €125.00 net (assuming a framework agreement between the employer and the provider).

The picture shows a multi-focal lens for screen glasses with a description of the field of vision, which starts at 40 cm (reading books) and ranges from 70-80 cm (recommended distance to the screen) up to an average distance to the calendar on the wall or to the front door.

If necessary, you can obtain further advice from your Hillebrand occupational safety expert.