In which sectors is skin protection particularly important?

The photo shows a customer having her hair washed by the hairdresser at the washstand. The hairdresser is wearing thin black gloves as he handles the shampoo and water.

There are two main risk groups

  1. Risk of skin cancer
  2. Risk of skin eczema


Risk of skin cancer

Many employees work outdoors. As "outdoor workers", they are therefore not only "exposed" to sunlight in their free time, but often also at work.

Today, science is convinced that certain skin cancers can also be caused "work-related" by long-term exposure to UV radiation from the sun. 

Skin eczema risk

The following sectors are particularly affected

  • Health service
  • Hairdressing
  • Metal companies
  • Cleaning company
  • Gastronomy.

This is usually hand eczema. These are inflammations of the skin that often weep, form blisters and can be very painful due to cracks in the skin. They are mainly caused by wet work, i.e. repeated contact with water and cleaning agents. However, handling other liquids or working with gloves can also cause skin symptoms. If eczema is not treated in time, it can become chronic and force you to give up your job.

Source: DGUV

The picture shows an outdoor worker, i.e. working outdoors. The employer must arrange for a risk assessment for protection against UV rays and the definition of skin protection measures. This applies to activities in the construction industry, kindergartens, assembly work, road construction, etc.

Picture: © twixx - Fotolia