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Advice and support requires a personal conversation.
Pick up the phone, use WhatsApp or email.

Or book an appointment directly here.

Make an appointment with Ulrich Hillebrand

From short to long, just as you need it.

You have full access to the calendar of Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand.

Do you have a spontaneous question or several questions?

Take the opportunity to discuss your topics with Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand in 30 minutes. (30 minutes)

Would you like to organize a round table (occupational safety committee)? Here you can book an appointment with Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand for 1.5 hours.

The company doctor will also be invited. Remember to also invite your internal safety officer(s). (90 minutes)

At least once a year, you should arrange an inspection of the company with Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand. This takes 2 hours and includes a status meeting.

It makes sense to also invite your safety officer(s) internally. (120 minutes)