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Read the entertaining story of how occupational safety typically works in practice.

Tour, part 1

How we start our collaboration

The employer and the safety officer of the respective department accompany the external occupational safety specialist through the company, both after the introductory meeting and during the annual company inspection.

We observe individual activities together, look at aspects of fire safety and exchange a few thoughts on the organization of occupational health and safety, the delegation of employer responsibility to managers and the motivation of employees by setting an example and providing suitable information.

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand prepares the minutes of each inspection, and another document is created.

Tour, part 2

We screen and clarify the potential hazards

Here we select what the company needs in terms of risk assessments. There are eight mandatory subject areas that apply to all companies.

In addition, there are numerous other subject areas, depending on the type and hazard potential of the activities. 

Whether minimum or additional scope of risk assessments, they all go through different stages, namely

  • We check applicable hazards (determine impairments and hazards) and document these findings
  • We assess whether all CHECK questions had a good result and evaluate critical findings; this determines the need for action
  • For the less good things, we consider improvements (define measures to reduce or eliminate hazards and burdens)
  • We stay on the ball and organize the practical implementation of measures that have been decided upon
  • One year later at the latest, we check whether our improvements have helped (impact monitoring)


We accompany these comprehensive activities with active information work for employees.

All important information published?

We update all information, company agreements, notices and operating instructions.

Tour, part 3

Instruction - the freestyle of occupational safety

Finally, we agree on the type and procedure of instructions.

To ensure that all employees are aware of our diligence, we prepare for a meeting of all employees. The training must take place at least once a year and cover fire safety, including evacuation drills and topics from the risk assessments. All employees document with their signature that each individual aligns their behavior with the common goal of zero accidents.

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand provides suitable company-related documents for the instructions. At the employer's request, Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand will carry out the instructions in person.