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The mission: Efficient work with the best possible working conditions.

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My expertise

External specialist for occupational safety Munich
The mission: Efficient work with the best possible working conditions

Orientation, advice

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand provides information on the right ways to organize occupational safety in compliance with the law.

I am an expert in organization and liability law.

Inspection, inspection

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand records the inspection of the company and provides information on necessary measures. I am an expert in differentiating between unimportant and important.

Risk assessments

Hillebrand Occupational Safety forms are used to document target/actual checks and assess significant deviations according to the hazard potential. I am an expert in assessment issues and documentation.

Instruction of employees

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand prepares the employee training on a company and risk-related basis.

I am an expert in the operational development and implementation of instructions.

About my profession

Putting things together precisely, trying things out, explaining things and connections, making airplanes with craft knives, creating whole worlds with words.

After a short time at school and so-called detours, with an apprenticeship as a printer and process engineer, following a call to personnel organization, influenced by some sociology and statistics, completed with a thick social psychology thesis in business administration.

Landed in the personnel policy galaxy of a printing and publishing house.

Immersed in the world of occupational safety since 2001 and made new friends at the publishing house. 

Having started my own business in 2014, initially with spindly legs, I am now enjoying my life as a consultant.

By digitizing my tools, I want to give my customers and their employees easier access to occupational safety from the start of 2024. 

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