Modular service packages


Safety-related support


My package for companies
with up to 10 employees
from 40 monthly
  • Digital control testing DGUV V2 A1
  • Start with a personal initial inspection
  • All necessary forms (checks, surveys, training)
  • Event-related care can be booked additionally


My package for companies
with more than 10 employees
from 100 monthly
  • All elements of the ONLINE package
  • Digital standard support DGUV V2 A3
  • Participation in ASA consultations with recording of minutes
  • Support with the organization of occupational safety in the company
  • Support in solving occupational health and safety deficits
  • Further services such as hazardous substance registers, operating instructions, etc. can be booked individually


Individual advice
for occupational safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Occupational safety
  • Fire protection
  • Expert opinion
  • Coaching
  • Instruction

We are a team


Effective and legally compliant occupational safety in the company depends on the right cooperation between the employer, managers, internal contact persons, company safety officers and external service providers, occupational safety specialists and company doctors.
Everyone in this team has their own tasks and different responsibilities.

Occupational safety
(Occupational safety specialist)

The task of the occupational safety specialist is to "support" the employer through observation, advice and assistance. The specialist is responsible for providing legally compliant advice.
Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand specializes in organizational and technical aspects.

Occupational medicine
(company doctor)

The task of the company doctor is to "support" the employer through observation, advice and assistance. The company doctor is responsible for providing legally compliant advice.
The company doctor specializes in occupational health issues.


The employer is practically and legally responsible for all (!) occupational health and safety measures.
This results in a very extensive range of tasks. For companies with 20 or more employees, it is generally advisable to delegate tasks to managers.

Safety officer

Employees from the company who have basic knowledge of occupational health and safety after attending a seminar support the employer by observing and passing on knowledge to colleagues in the shared work area. Safety representatives do not have any extended responsibility.

Regular support in companies with up to 10 employees

Trade supervisory authorities and accident insurance (employers' liability insurance association) require a reduced agenda for small companies with up to 10 employees. Here, inspections, risk assessments and instructions are part of the basic framework.

Regular support in companies with more than 10 employees

For companies with 11 or more employees, trade supervisory authorities and accident insurers require that the deployment times for the specialist and company doctor are covered. Employers with more than 20 employees are expected to cover the full range of organizational duties, including ASA consultations and company safety officers.

Regular support in companies with up to 10 employees


Basic support

Basic support essentially means support in the creation and updating of risk assessments.

The materials and services offered by Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand in the following cover the required permanent GROUND SUPPORT. 

Organization of occupational safety
Fire protection, escape routes and evacuation
Working hours
VDU workstations and ergonomics
Mental stress in the workplace
Home office
Maternity protection
Occupational health care

Event-related support

Occasion-related supervision means the obligation of the employer to obtain supervision on special occasions (e.g. planning of new operating facilities; changes to working procedures, etc.). 

This event-related support is provided by the occupational safety specialist at the request of the employer.

Skin protection
Hazardous substances
Hazardous substances register
Assembly work
Use of devices, machines and mechanical equipment
Ancillary building trade
Electrical installation
Events, Events
Staff leasing

A complete list of the (mandatory) occasions for "event-related supervision" can be found on the website > DGUV Regulation 2 Annex 1.

Every company with one (!) or more
employees subject to social security contributions
is obliged to arrange advice and support via a service contract with
, namely
with an occupational safety specialist and
with a company doctor.

Regular support in companies with more than 10 employees


Basic support

The comprehensive responsibility of the employer to take the necessary occupational health and safety measures enshrined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) is supplemented in the Occupational Safety Act (ArbSichG) by the obligation to appoint company doctors and occupational safety specialists. This is intended to ensure that the regulations on accident prevention and occupational health and safety are applied. The detailed rules on the appointment of company doctors and occupational safety specialists and the scope of regular supervision can be found in DGUV Regulation 2 "Company doctors and occupational safety specialists".

Support with risk assessment (assessment of working conditions)
Support with basic measures for work organization - Prevention of relationships
Support in the creation of a suitable organization and integration into management activities
Preparation of documentation, fulfillment of reporting obligations
Participation in company meetings

A complete description of the (mandatory) areas of responsibility and (non-binding possible) tasks can be found on the website > DGUV Regulation 2 Annex 3 (to Annex 2 Section 2)


Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand supports the company in the selection and implementation of legally compliant measures.

As the regulation of occupational safety is very comprehensively codified, the legislator has obliged all employers to make use of the advisory services of an occupational safety specialist and a company doctor (obligation to appoint).

The occupational safety specialist must advise and support the employer.

In doing so, Hillebrand Occupational Safety assumes a role similar to that of a pilot who guides the captain (employer) through difficult waters.

The responsibility for occupational safety and thus for the full implementation of the pilot's instructions remains with the employer.

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand is responsible for the accuracy of the advice given.

Carrying out the risk assessments

Occupational Safety Hillebrand provides specific and very easy-to-use forms for each subject area.
The employer is supported in setting up his internal occupational safety team. This team manages the internal processes, such as conducting an employee survey. In companies with 20 or more employees, integration into the management level is necessary. If well organized, the team distributes the tasks to the managers, e.g. the responsible dispatch of employees to appointments with occupational safety or the company doctor.

Definition and implementation of measures

Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand supports and promotes the risk assessment process. Findings from the investigation phase are evaluated. In the event of anomalies or discrepancies, occupational safety offers comprehensive advice with the formulation of alternative solutions.

Development of internal processes

Organizational development, personnel development, structuring and practicing new and efficient processes. Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand is an expert in this field.