The minimum set of risk assessments for every company

Figure describes the steps involved in risk assessment, from identification, analysis, definition of measures, implementation and effectiveness monitoring.

This minimum equipment with CHECK forms and QUESTIONS to identify hazards applies to all companies:

1) CHECK: Organization of occupational safety and preventive occupational health care

  • Regulation of internal areas of responsibility and assignment to suitable employees.
  • Transfer of duties to department / project managers
  • Coordination of measures in collaboration with the occupational safety specialist and company doctor
  • Planning and process-oriented implementation of all risk assessments
  • Instruction of all employees on joining the company and annually
  • Inspection of workplaces and documentation of all activities
  • Informing all employees and involving them in the activities
  • Information about occupational health precautions

2) CHECK: Fire protection, escape routes, evacuation drill, emergency management

  • Status analysis of technical fire protection (alarms, extinguishing systems)
  • Clarification of escape routes and escape route markings
  • Support for organizational fire protection (fire protection assistants, instructions)
  • Evacuation drill
  • Emergency management (information, documentation, instruction)

3) SURVEY: VDU workstations, ergonomics, home office

  • Support for the preparation and implementation of this "monitor" risk assessment
  • Support for planning, setting up and reviewing VDU workstations
  • Recommendations for implementing the principles for ergonomic workplaces
  • Individual coaching on ergonomics in the workplace
  • Information for employees on the safe design of the working environment in the home office
  • Documentation

4) CHECK: Implementation of the requirements of the Workplace Ordinance and Workplace Guidelines

  • Determination and documentation of requirements from workplace regulations and guidelines
  • Analysis and expert opinion on operational issues relating to the workplace guidelines
  • Notes on practice-oriented alternative solutions

5) SURVEY: Mental impairment at the workplace and in the working environment

  • Support for the preparation and implementation of this "Psyche" risk assessment
  • Explanation of further work steps (informing all employees, moderation of small groups for interpretation and finding solutions, etc.)
  • Support in finding and implementing concrete actions to reduce stress
  • Documentation

6) CHECK: Maternity protection and information meeting with pregnant woman

  • Support with stress analysis with regard to the protection of pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Documentation of the investigation and definition of measures
  • Form-based information meeting after notification of pregnancy

7) CHECK: Working time management and time recording

  • Status clarification on the operational organization of working time management
  • Clarification of the permissibility of emergency work
  • Support with the introduction of time recording systems

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Question: Where can I get this minimum equipment?

Answer: At Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand.

Question: Is this minimum equipment part of the range of services offered by Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand?

Answer: Yes. With a support contract for companies with more than 10 employees, you will receive this minimum equipment from Arbeitssicherheit Hillebrand.