Occupational safety & efficient meetings

10 rules for efficient meetings


This picture shows the 10 most important rules for planning and moderating successful and efficient meetings.

Listening for long periods tires you out

(if you have nothing to contribute to what has been said).

Long wait frustrates

(if you don't know if and when the chance to get rid of your concern will come).

7 tips lead to success


  1. Coordinate the agenda in advance
    • Clearly define in advance who will coordinate the agenda (= moderator)
    • focus on the essentials
  2. Clear topic classification
    • I (Information)
    • E (decision)
    • D (debate)
  3. Limit time
    • they dare to make a radical cut
    • the most successful sessions are often those for which only 30 minutes were available
  4. Change of working format
    • Separate D-topics (in small groups, in bar table groups,...)
  5. Only what really concerns EVERYONE is discussed
    • Sort agenda items according to interest
    • Meeting may be split in two (in the second part with the rest of the group)
  6. Delete agenda item "Other business" without substitution.
  7. "Standing" instead of "session"

Source: https://organisationsberatung.net/effiziente-meetings-besprechungen-sitzungen/

and then there are stereotypical behaviors.

the moderator has to recognize who, as a typical thinker, contributes nothing to the solution.

The picture shows the five typical meeting types in a pie chart, with their typical behavior patterns: 1